What are the first steps?

Once you have an idea of what best suits your needs and budget, call Ron at (307) 760-9115. He can help put your dream in action. If you need direction with all the details, he and Nate can help with that as well. If you are curious what your budget allows, use the mortgage calculator below:

How long does the building process take?

4-6 months for the average home under 2,000 sq ft
6-12 months for very custom, larger homes with specialized features

How much does a custom home usually cost?

Harding Homes does not quote a cost per square foot price. Once we know the client’s preferences and desires, we bid out each project so that we can give the client an exact figure for price.

Who carries the construction loan during the construction process?

Normally, the homeowner will carry the construction loan but Harding Homes works directly with the bank during the construction process. The client knows exactly what is going on and how much is being spent each month without the worry of having to handle the finances.

Where can I go to get help with the interior design?

Harding Homes is happy to assist the client through the process of building a new home. We can provide ideas and options. However, we will also work with interior designers if the client chooses that avenue.

What are the steps to building a custom home?

The first step is to pick a lot. Then we can work together to create a house plan which fits on that lot.

What do I need to do in order to get started?

Call Ron at (307) 760-9115 or contact us here.

Does Harding Homes work with local companies?

Most of our regular subcontractors are located in Laramie, Cheyenne, or along the Front Range.

Not seeing an answer to your questions?

Contact Harding Homes with any questions you may have. We would be happy to answer anything that is not here!